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Unlocking Facebook for Market Research


Liveminds is a social market research company that gets you closer to your audience. Since 2010 we’ve helped hundreds of leading agencies and brands, such as Coca-Cola, Sky and Google gain inspiring insights in 50+ countries.

With our global network of senior research consultants and Facebook-powered recruitment, Liveminds can build your brand a truly engaging research community.

What we do

Everything you need for a global research community


Liveminds is the only research platform to combine web, mobile and Facebook apps into one simple but powerful package; it’s qual and quant in your audience’s online home. To see it for yourself watch our YouTube video.


We use Facebook to find you people who match even the most complex criteria — in 190 countries around the world. It’s all powered by our unique 4-step screening process and the world’s biggest, most data-rich panel, of 1 billion people.


Our global marketplace of over 100 senior consultants, enables us to find exactly the right person to manage your research community - someone who knows your sector and understands the culture - but at a freelancer’s price.

Why use Facebook for your Market Research?

1 billion minds

The largest panel of people ever created, Facebook gives us access to over one billion users globally and an unmatchable data set of their demographics, interests and behaviours.

Global recruits at local prices

We’ll find the best people to participate in your community, in any country in the world- but without the inflated international fees.

More rigorous screening

Our 4-step screening process adds a new layer of validation to traditional methods, with hypertargeting, screening, phone verification and a social profile review.

Easy engagement

By weaving your research needs into the fabric of their lives, we can ensure easier, richer, long term engagement with your target audience.

Privacy and control

We use closed Facebook groups where posts are only ever seen by members. When in-depth qual is required, members click through to our connected site, giving complete control over who sees what and when.

Reduces time and cost

Engaging your community in Facebook means a more convenient and familiar experience for them, and less time and cost for you.

Our Story

2009 May

The digital revolution continues to sweep through every industry. Markets are changing faster than ever. Even global brands can disappear overnight if they don't understand and react to their customers' changing needs.

2010 Dec

We created Liveminds to help brands stay in tune with their audience, and to create products and services that people love.

Since 2010, we have seen a huge growth in online research communities, giving access to insight on-demand. However, to date, these research communities have been expensive and complex to set up and run.


In 2015, for the first time, we have unlocked the huge power of Facebook for insight. We want to make online research communities more engaging and more accessible.

Brands on Liveminds

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